An ISO 9001 : 2015 & 26000 : 2010 Certified


Money Plant Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. is growing at a rapid pace in its effort to be the largest financial services provider.

At Money Plant, we value our people professionally and personally, Money Plant firmly believes our people are our assets that is why we call our People Management function as 'Human Capital'.

We help our people to shape their careers, CGP(Career Growth Plan) creating a path in each Individual career helping, guiding our people to reach their GOAL. Our best HR practices, employee friendly policies, technology, best competitive compensation structures, mentoring programs help every Individual to develop on to their Talent. Money Plant encourages Gen Y talent, gives them voice, listens and values every individual opinion. We believe in freedom of thought, expression, and action of every Individual. Our Team has talent pool of experienced professionals from Insurance, Banking, IT, NBFCs.

Join the successful journey of Money Plant Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. to grow and shape your career.

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